Personal details

Vámos István


30th November 1953, Miskolc

Curriculum Vitae:

I would like to become electrical engineer, chemist or graphic artist. Almost everything turned true, just a little bit different way. Instead of electrical engineer I became an electrician, instead of chemist chemical engineer, as an artist I became amateur graphic.

I took my school leaving exams at Piarist Grammar School Budapest. Then I learned as electrician at Miskolc for two years. Meanwhile I was drawing assiduously and tried to apply to University of Art and Design. Finally I ended up at Technical University of Budapest at faculty of chemical engineering. I received my degree in 1979.

Between 1981 and 85 I was a physics-chemistry and arts teacher at Franciscan High School Szentendre. Meanwhile I started a family, and I have four children.

I made illustrations and cover designs for publishers (Magvető and Tankönyvikadó) for 8 years.

Currently I am working as a teacher&exhibition organiser.


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